About Us

DEMETER Kimya ve Gıda Sanayi

In 2003, Demeter Kimya ve Gıda Sanayi started her commercial life as a supplier of natural and functional food ingredients for Turkey and neighboring countries.

Since the starting day of her commercial life, Demeter with the principle of quality and reliability has been the Turkey distributor of selected companies which have worldwide food raw material production in their hands. We are proud of being one of distinguished distributor of these companies based in France, Belgium, Holland, USA, Spain, the Far East and Germany which are producing food raw materials being obtained from crops grown under their control by using modern technology and efficient crop breeding methods.

We aim to provide the best to our customers by researching the healthiest, most natural and most functional product groups to be used in foodstuff production, to develop our relationships and products within the framework of friendship and trust, and to become the leader of the industry.